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Track and guard data access with data monitoring.

You've expertly secured your perimeter, but when business users share information through unsecured channels, sensitive data is exposed and at-risk. Our solution gives you complete traceability to stay fully informed with detailed activity logs, real-time alerts, and document tracking. You'll clearly understand your document's journey, who is accessing it, and its location, ensuring you're always in the know.

Confidencial help you track and manage document access

With Confidencial, if data is breached and attempts are made to decrypt, we'll know it. This information is critical to investigators. It's game-changing.

Confidencial customers value the telemetrics around sensitive document access and activities
Eric Sanchez, CISO

Eric Sanchez

CISO at Kyowa Kirin



Compliance and data monitoring made easy.

Real-time alerts around suspicious attempts, insider threats, and abnormal behavior with data monitoring keep you a step ahead. Our detailed activity logs offer a transparent view of your documents’ journey, including who has or hasn’t accessed them, when and where attempts were made, and with what devices. This peripheral vision allows you to spot early warning signs and address potential threats.


Level-up with location intelligence.

An interactive map shows you exactly where access attempts are made on sensitive documents, regardless of whether they’ve been downloaded, emailed, or shared outside your network. With insight into region and success rate, you can swiftly respond to individual threats and strengthen your data protection strategies based on global access patterns.


Allocate and manage permissions and data access rights.

Our solution simplifies the assignment and management of varying levels of access rights to different users or groups, all while working on a single, secure version of a document. Collaborate more efficiently by sharing the document with multiple parties, each with tailored access rights, ensuring security and flexibility in document management and version control.

With Confidencial, your data isn't just safe. It's a catalyst for transformation.

Confidencial help you share sensitive information internally and externally
Confidencial help you protect unstructured data
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