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Evolve beyond traditional data security solutions & safeguard your data from within.

Protecting, sharing, and tracking sensitive information has never been easier.



How it works.

Security experts bear significant responsibility in protecting vast data networks across their entire organization. However, gaining full coverage with traditional perimeter-based security models is impossible, leaving critical data exposed and vulnerable. Confidencial infuses future-proof encryption directly into the data layer, effectively neutralizing inherent weaknesses for stronger protection. It continues to travel with the data, balancing usability with security.

We've got you covered. Past, present, and future.

With Confidencial, your unstructured data can be post-quantum ready, ensuring peace of mind and robust protection for years to come.


Scan historical files and folders to detect sensitive data, ensuring that any identified documents are automatically protected. We safeguard your historical data, ensuring that your records and information are securely encrypted and protected against unauthorized access, even as you migrate them to the cloud.


From the moment of creation and by default, we embed end-to-end encryption into your documents - across various file types and platforms - offering immediate and versatile protection to new data as it's generated and shared. Only the intended recipients can access sensitive information without unintended access or interception.


Protection travels with the data, no matter where it’s stored or downloaded or if it leaves your network. Gain access to a comprehensive activity log, threat detection, granular privilege controls, and geo-location of access attempts. Built with adaptability in mind, we’re ready to take on cybersecurity threats as they emerge.

Bring your own architecture.

We recognize your commitment to the highest security and reliability standards, which are crucial for complex and sensitive data environments. Our flexible 'Bring Your Own Key' infrastructure adapts to any setup, including third-party encryption key management, in-house security, or cloud-based services. This approach ensures you remain in control, fully accommodating your unique security needs and disaster recovery plans.


Confidencial tackles protecting sensitive information while ensuring smooth collaboration, moving beyond traditional, restrictive ‘all-or-nothing’ methods. Powered by battle-tested protection for unstructured data, you’re empowered with ultimate flexibility so you can end-to-end encrypt what you want, for whom you want.

Confidencial help you track and manage document access
Confidencial help you share sensitive information internally and externally


Sharing critical information is essential in our day-to-day work, but emails often end up in the wrong hands. Relying on faxes, redaction, or unsecured cloud storage can be risky, costly, and hinders collaboration. That’s where Confidencial steps in, offering a secure, effortless way to collect and share sensitive information without the headaches.


Organizations often grapple with the complexities of handling unstructured data and managing access rights, facing risks like unauthorized data extraction and challenges in tracking access. Confidencial addresses these issues with detailed audit trails, supporting compliance and simplifying the process of monitoring document access. With Confidencial, you can efficiently track who accesses which documents, receive real-time alerts for unauthorized attempts, and manage collaborative workflows with greater ease and precision.

Confidencial help you track and manage document access

Private by design, secure by principle. 

Our data blind platform guarantees that your data remains just that... yours. We can’t see your data, we don't store your data, we don’t hold the keys, we just provide the end-to-end security it needs.

Employee background checks

Asymmetric encryption

Penetration testing

Post-quantum ready

Static code analysis

Manage your own encryption keys

Bring your own infrastructure

General data protection regulation



Streamline your operations.

Our integration solution is designed for versatility and seamless adaptation across diverse infrastructures.

Support for multiple data types

Works within your existing tools - from Word to PowerPoint.

Flexible design

Our modular architecture easily fits into your existing systems, be it automation engines, microservice buses, or AI technologies.

Minimized user interaction

Promotes automated data protection without requiring end users to take any necessary steps to lock down sensitive data.


Integrate our protection into any business application. Our platform is designed for flexibility and ease of use to ensure that data security is not a nice-to-have but a core component of your business operations.

Protection, your way.

Confidencial help you share sensitive information internally and externally
Confidencial help you protect your unstructured data
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