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Industries we serve.

Each industry navigates a unique maze of challenges and regulations, with its own critical unstructured data needing protection - not just from external threats like competitors and cybercriminals but also from internal risks within their departments and teams. Our mission at Confidencial is to provide tailored and flexible solutions that guard this sensitive information against all fronts, ensuring comprehensive security in a complex digital ecosystem.

Financial Services

In the fast-paced, highly regulated world of financial services, including sectors like insurance and banking, protecting sensitive customer data and staying ahead of regulatory changes are paramount. These industries face the dual challenge of safeguarding vast amounts of personal and financial data while maintaining the agility to respond to evolving market demands. Confidencial provides advanced solutions for secure data management and collaboration, ensuring regulatory penalties remain at bay and data remains secure.

Provides a secure, encrypted environment for all client interactions and document sends, reinforcing customer trust and confidentiality in financial operations and ensuring important details avoid leaking.

Supports secure data exchange in activities like mergers, acquisitions, and RFP management and aids insurance companies in safe cloud migration.

Securely transition document storage to the cloud, enhancing accessibility, security, and collaboration while reducing physical storage costs and supporting remote work environments.

Ensures strict alignment with financial regulations like SOX, GDPR, and PCI DSS, guaranteeing high-standard data protection and compliance. At the same time, real-time monitoring is crucial for managing and reporting risks associated with breaches.

Employs advanced encryption techniques to guard against cyber fraud, identity theft, and financial data breaches to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of customer information.


Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are on the front lines of innovation, handling vast amounts of sensitive research data and intellectual property. Confidential research and patient records are at-risk if a malicious actor gains access, resulting in trust erosion and financial loss. These sectors require a data security approach that protects their groundbreaking work while complying with global regulations. Confidencial delivers comprehensive protection for high-value data from R&D to clinical trials.

Secures confidential formulas, research findings, and patent information against industrial espionage and unauthorized access, ensuring intellectual property safety.

Facilitates secure, encrypted data sharing across international research teams and partners, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of global research collaborations.

Ensures the integrity and confidentiality of clinical trial data, protecting patient information while adhering to HIPAA and other health data regulations.

Aligns with FDA, EMA, and other regulatory bodies' standards for data protection in pharmaceutical research, ensuring compliance across all research activities.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure sectors like energy, utilities, and transportation face unique cybersecurity challenges, with the need to protect sensitive operational data against national security threats. A data breach can lead to severe operational disruptions, compromised public safety, and substantial financial and reputational damage. Confidencial's specialized solutions are designed to meet the high-stakes requirements of these sectors, ensuring robust protection and compliance with industry-specific standards.

Secures critical communication channels for coordinating rapid response and recovery during emergencies and natural disasters, an essential component of infrastructure security.

Ensuring compliance with stringent national and international cybersecurity standards such as NIST and FERC is crucial for maintaining national security.

Provides specialized security measures to protect against cyber and physical threats, enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure systems to ensure operational disruptions are minimized.

Implements state-of-the-art encryption to protect data related to critical operational technologies and infrastructure systems from cyber threats.



Data breaches continue to sweep the industry at alarming rates, leading to longer patient wait times and compromised care outcomes. In the face of escalating cyber-attacks, healthcare organizations must navigate the delicate balance of facilitating necessary access and collaboration across varied roles—such as nurses and doctors—while protecting sensitive data within the stringent framework of regulatory compliance. Confidencial  selectively secures the sensitive components of unstructured data, including patient records and personally identifiable information (PII), from its inception through its entire lifecycle. This approach not only safeguards data wherever it resides or travels but also ensures compliance with regulatory and security standards, thereby enabling healthcare organizations to maximize data utility without compromising security.

Prioritizes the encryption of patient records and personal health information, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare privacy regulations.

Facilitates the secure exchange of health records between providers, insurers, and patients, emphasizing data integrity and adherence to healthcare standards.

Protects sensitive data in medical research, such as patient trials and pharmaceutical studies, while ensuring healthcare providers have timely and secure access to essential information.

Enhances secure external sharing of healthcare documents, supports patient confidentiality and compliance, and streamlines internal RFP processes for effective collaboration.

Professional Services and Legal

In professional services and legal practice, the confidentiality and security of client information are not just a matter of trust but also a legal imperative. These industries require a nuanced approach to data protection that upholds client confidentiality and complies with legal standards while facilitating efficient workflows. Confidencial provides tailored solutions that meet these requirements, ensuring data security and seamless collaboration.

Ensures strict confidentiality in legal and professional services, keeping client information private and secure in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Provides robust protection for sensitive documents, communications, and legal records, guarding against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Facilitates secure exchange of sensitive information during mergers and acquisitions, aiding due diligence and protecting organizational interests while ensuring legal compliance.

Enables efficient internal circulation and contribution to RFPs and secure data sharing within and between firms, enhancing case management and client service without compromising security.

With Confidencial, your data isn't just safe. It's a catalyst for transformation.

Confidencial help you share sensitive information internally and externally
Confidencial help you protect unstructured data
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