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Share documents with secure data exchange technology.

Don’t choose between locking data down and keeping collaboration alive. Confidencial streamlines the secure exchange of confidential information, whether it's within your organization or with external parties. Efficiently collect and share privileged data, no matter the size, without sacrificing or disrupting workflow.

Confidencial help you share sensitive information internally and externally

Confidencial helps us to securely share our penetration testing reports, incident response, and forensic analysis with our clients and partners.

Confidencial customers value the secure data exchange technology that Confidencial provides
Jamm Deivy Martinez Garcia

Jamm Deivy Martinez Garcia

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Pralogy



Securely request and collect sensitive data.

If you're still gathering PII and sensitive information via unprotected mediums and channels, you're not alone. With Confidencial, streamline the process of securely requesting and receiving important data and attachments from external parties. Feel safe knowing critical details like income, credit history, social security numbers, addresses, medical records and more are securely guarded from threats.


Weave robust protection into email.

Email isn’t going away any time soon. Despite the risks, many continue to use it to exchange sensitive information daily, exposing your company to a potential data breach. Our solution enables easy encryption and decryption of emails or specific parts directly within Outlook, integrating security into the end user’s existing workflow and routine.


Encryption for groups and teams.

Leverage seamless integrations with identity providers to encrypt extensive collections of documents for specific groups, departments, and teams. Our solution simplifies managing access rights and sharing, enhancing collaboration by utilizing your organization's existing structural framework.



Privacy-preserving technology across your entire data ecosystem.

Seamlessly integrate our data security across your existing applications using our adaptable APIs and SDKs, extending security to back office systems like Document Management, Customer Relationship Management Systems, or HR technology. Our modular design ensures smooth integration and a pluggable ecosystem.

Request, gather, and share documents, the secure way.

Confidencial help you share sensitive information internally and externally
Confidencial help you  protect your unstructured data
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