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Confidencial Sign

Because unlike other e-signature tools, we never access or store your data or use sensitive customer documents to train our AI models.


Your documents and agreements remain exclusively within your existing infrastructure 100% of the time, where they belong.

The Confidencial CoSign e-signature solution is easy to use

Why does the world need another e-signature solution?


Ditch the risk.

E-signatures have become a cornerstone of efficiency for organizations and their clients, streamlining the cumbersome processes of document exchange, completion, and signing. Still, the security vulnerabilities inherent to most e-signature SaaS solutions remain a critical oversight. Traditional e-signature service providers often rely on cloud storage for the sensitive documents exchanged and signed electronically, inadvertently opening the door to two things:

These services could use customer documents to train federated large language models.


A significant increase in data exposure risk, given that 80% of data breaches involve cloud-stored data.



Why choose Confidencial Sign?

Sign is designed to improve existing e-signature workflows, easing the execution of document exchanges, completions, and signatures without the need for cloud uploads. Our platform takes the protection of sensitive information to the next level, extending beyond traditional TLS encryption. With Confidencial Sign, data is safeguarded from the moment of entry, remaining secure when it reaches its intended destination. 

No third party exposure

Always encrypted and traceable

Selective encryption if needed

Documents remain in your infrastructure


Company whitelabeling available

How we stack up.

Restricted Access
Documents stored in e-signature provider's cloud and accessible by provider.and used to train provider's LLMs
Documents stored only in your infrastructure and never accessible by Confidencial.
File types
.doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt
.pdf, .doc, docx
Delegation and sequential signing options
Web forms
Templates and bulk send
Coming soon
Access & permissions
Edge protection against unauthorized access
✓Document encryption ensures that only authorized participants can access the files.
Document Correction
Requires restart if process fails midway
✓ Supports entire signing journey; automatically self-heals to prevent restarts
Real-time status updates, notifications, and reminders
Number of fields
Archiving and document retention
Extra step required to manually archive documents stored on service provider's cloud
✓ Documents are automatically integrated with your existing storage and retention policies
OAuth2, SSO, Sandbox
API, integrations

Confidencial Sign is not just an alternative to traditional
e-signature solutions; it is a bold reimagining of how document signing should be.

Request a demo today to ensure your data remains secure, private, and exclusively under your control.

Confidencial can help you collect signatures safely
Confidencial can help you protect PII and signatures
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