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Hassle-free, advanced data protection for ultimate document protection.

Don’t leave your most sensitive data up for grabs - internally or externally. Confidencial offers a streamlined data protection solution with flexible, end-to-end encryption for all your documents. You decide what to encrypt and who gets access, keeping your most vital documents secure and unauthorized users out - hassle-free.

Confidencial can help you protect your unstructured data

Confidencial provides the value of the document without exposing the sensitivity of the document. That is a differentiator.

Confidencial customers love the advanced data protection Confidencial provides
Timothy Held, CISO

Tim Held

CISO & EVP at US Bank



Automatic protection: invisibly powerful, unbelievably simple.

80% of breaches involve data stored in the cloud, making encryption by default more necessary than ever. Always-on, ambient protection automatically scans folders and files across cloud-based platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to protect sensitive content as it’s created. It eliminates the need for any end-user intervention.


A scalpel to encrypt what you want - no more, no less.

The choice is yours. Secure whole files or tailor protection to specific elements like pages, paragraphs, names, etc. The flexibility ensures high-stakes data, like PII, tax numbers, or credit cards, are safeguarded, all while keeping non-sensitive information accessible to those who need it.


A catalyst for growth: unleashing the potential of machine learning.

We’ve solved the AI dilemma. You no longer have to exclude valuable data due to sensitive content; just protect what you need. We help you tap into the wealth of revenue-driving insight by first protecting unstructured data so you can transform it into a valuable asset.  Know it’s safe for machine learning utilization to expand your learning potential and boost productivity while checking the box on compliance and privacy standards.



Advanced data security from inception to archive.

Confidencial acts as a continuous safety net for the entire lifecycle of your data - from creation to deletion. Documents stay in their original format, ensuring effortless use while being completely shielded from unauthorized access, regardless of where they’re stored, how they're shared, or even if they're downloaded and leave your network. Even better, they'll stay in their original format while being off-limits to prying eyes.

With Confidencial, your data isn't just safe. It's a catalyst for transformation.

Confidencial can help you share sensitive information internally and externally
Confidencial can help you protect your unstructured data
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