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The future of data protection: preemptive data-centric security.

With 80% of enterprise data being unstructured, the escalation in AI attacks and ransomware, and the rising cost and frequency of data breaches, traditional data security methods are increasingly falling short.

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Cyber professionals are often personally responsible for defending an entire ecosystem of data across distributed teams, navigating an environment rich with diverse data channels, and up against various cyber threats - all while battling talent shortages and budget cuts. They’re engaged in asymmetric warfare but expected to win with a knife in a gunfight. This complexity is exacerbated by siloed security products, necessitating an urgent shift to more formidable defense strategy.

The Old Way: Fragmented Security Systems

Vulnerabilities in Perimeter Defense

Perimeter-based security focuses on guarding the boundaries of the network. As shown in the recent MOVEit breach, attackers only need to find a single vulnerability, and once they bypass the perimeter, they can operate unhindered within the network.

Problem of Silos

The traditional security landscape is fragmented, with point solutions for email, cloud storage, and data transfer. This approach leads to disjointed security frameworks, making cohesive protection challenging.

Complexity and Inefficiency

Juggling multiple security systems and intricate configurations increases complexity and strains resources. Each system, operating in isolation, creates potential gaps in your defense.

The New Way: Integrated, Preemptive Data Protection

Data-Centric Security

Organizations ensure robust encryption and security at the data level by focusing on the data itself rather than just the perimeter. This approach safeguards information regardless of where it resides or travels, offering a more holistic and effective defense against breaches and unauthorized access. The reliance on end-user vigilance is minimized as security becomes integral to the data's essence, seamlessly blending with enterprise systems.

Automated Protection Throughout the Data Lifecycle

Implementing automated, by-default encryption ensures that data is secure from the moment it is created, ensuring that each piece of data is born secure and remains so throughout its lifecycle. It’s a win-win; it minimizes the dependence on end-user vigilance and it’s non-intrusive.

Shift from Reactive to Preemptive

Traditional methods often involve reacting to data breaches and security threats as they occur. This reactive stance leads to costly and resource-intensive measures to contain and rectify attacks.

While some organizations have rightfully adopted the 'Shift Left' strategy, which emphasizes early-stage testing and bug fixing, it remains reactive. Extending security measures beyond project-based scopes and covering the entire data lifecycle, from creation to deletion, ensures protection at every stage.

Our Mission: Designing Protection into the DNA of Data

We’re embedding protection into the very fabric of data handling. This means rethinking how data is created, accessed, and shared, ensuring that security is not an afterthought but a foundational element. This results in:

  • Preemptive protection significantly lowers the risk and potential costs associated with data breaches.

  • Systems designed with security as a core feature are inherently more resilient to threats. They offer stronger defenses against unauthorized access and data leaks.

  • Allows for deeper visibility into access attempts and movements, allowing for better management, compliance, and faster response to potential threats.

Embracing the Future: The Imperative of Automated and Preemptive Cybersecurity

Organizations can create a more secure, efficient, and resilient cybersecurity framework by adopting a preemptive approach to data protection. Confidencial is committed to leading this shift, ensuring that sensitive data is protected by default, and fortifying your digital assets against evolving cyber threats.

Learn more about how we engrain data-centric protection to bolster your security posture today.

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