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Automatically find and protect sensitive,
unstructured data.

Confidencial is a data-centric security solution that automatically finds and secures sensitive content within documents to maximize data utility and collaboration.


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All-in-one, data-centric protection technology.

Automate data protection at scale, wherever sensitive data is created, stored, or shared.


Confidencial embeds security directly into your data. Our patented selective encryption and granular access controls become a part of the file's metadata, ensuring security follows your data everywhere, across networks and devices. 


Confidencial secures your sensitive data in two ways:

Backend Protection

Automatically discovers, classifies, maps, and protects unstructured data sitting in storage.

Frontend Solutions

Provides easy-to-use tools for secure data collaboration and exchange.



How security-conscious customers use Confidencial.

See how our customers use our technology to take full control of their data, whether it’s securing proprietary data in the cloud or protecting identities during investigations. Confidencial makes data security simple and effective for all:


Fully control what gets encrypted:

Selectively protect sensitive data, such as PII, in documents when sharing with third parties. Choose who can view specific sections of a file.


Remain compliant when transferring large files:

Securely transfer large files with confidential data, such as research documents and clinical trial results, with internal or external research partners.


Move every document to the cloud:

Save storage costs and gain peace of mind when migrating confidential documents to the cloud. Your sensitive data remains inaccessible to unauthorized viewers, even your cloud provider.


De-risk LLM and AI Projects:

Protect the sensitive parts of your documents while leveraging the rest for training internal LLMs. Embrace efficiency and innovation securely.


Internal threats investigations:

Protect individuals’ privacy by encrypting PII during investigations. Maintain best-practice standards and ensure unbiased decision-making.


Collect encrypted PII from participants:

Use secure-by-default forms to streamline and secure personal data gathering. No more back-and-forth phone calls and emails or unprotected spreadsheets for contest entries and registrations.

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