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The threat from within.

According to a report published by Varonis, financial services employees have access to nearly 11 million files the day they walk in the door.

For large organizations, the number is double: 20 million files open to all employees including almost 20% of all files containing sensitive employee and customer data. This begs the question…

“How does an organization protect sensitive information from accidental or intentional exposure by insiders who already have access to that information?”

Perimeter defenses designed to prevent intrusion from the outside are ineffective against those already on the inside. Plus, employee access to a customer’s file usually means access to all the information contained within that file regardless of the sensitivity of certain individual documents.

There are some solutions that provide document-level security, but they do not allow for granular-level security within a single document that allows individuals who need access to certain portions of the document to view that information while preventing access to the remainder of the document. That is an all-or-nothing solution. If an employee needs access to some of the information within a document, then they have access to all of the information in that document increasing the risk of exposing sensitive information.

Today, organizations need a solution that will provide a level of granular security that allows employees enough access to do their jobs without exposing them to sensitive information they don’t. Whether at rest, in transit, or in use, organizations need to protect sensitive information against inside threats without impeding productivity or disrupting current workflows.

Confidencial Inc delivers that solution in a simple interface that integrates directly with your desktop applications. With a simple point-and-click, entire documents can be secured using military-grade encryption, or select portions of a document can be encrypted with those portions only available to the individuals you authorize.

With Confidencial, even if sensitive documents are accessed or distributed inappropriately, they can only be decrypted and viewed by those with authorization. In addition, our analytics dashboard logs the distribution and attempted access to your secure documents which is an extremely valuable asset to your internal incident response teams.

You’re invited to download Confidencial for free at and see for yourself how easy it is to start securing your information from the threat from within.

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