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Confidencial and KETL Forge Strategic Alliance to Advance Document Management through Security-First Solutions for Financial Services and Legal Firms

Confidencial, known for its patented data protection platform, and KETL, a smart enterprise information management solution, are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership to transform the way firms manage and protect their documents, leveraging the power of AI and cutting-edge encryption technology.

Securely Manage Your Firm's Documents with AI-Powered Solutions

The partnership introduces heightened protection that is seamlessly embedded into every document, ensuring your sensitive data is safeguarded. It’s a solution tailored for professionals who face the daunting task of handling vast amounts of documentation like contracts, financial records, and Intellectual Property. This innovative solution is designed to simplify workflows, save time, and easily maintain the highest levels of confidentiality.

Key Features of the Joint Solution:

Enhanced Security-aware Document Management

Utilizing KETL’s advanced metadata extraction capabilities, documents are automatically enriched with security metadata, such as sensitivity levels and types of sensitive information, allowing for a nuanced approach to document management that prioritizes security.

Fine-grained Document Protection Policies

The solution implements rule-based access controls, leveraging both standard and security metadata to define fine-grained and expressive security policies that precisely control document access.

Persistent Lifelong Protection and Secure Document Sharing

Encryption is used to ensure that documents are only accessible to authorized personnel, maintaining document security regardless of location and enabling secure, compliant sharing beyond organizational boundaries.

Selective Encryption of Documents

By combining KETL’s sophisticated extraction technology with Confidencial’s robust encryption capabilities, specific document sections can be precisely targeted for encryption, protecting sensitive information while keeping non-sensitive content accessible.

Compliant Secure Archiving of Documents

The partnership also facilitates the compliant and secure archiving of documents through anonymization, pseudonymization, and document signing, adhering to compliance strategies and security standards like GDPR.

A Commitment to Innovation and Security

The collaboration between Confidencial and KETL is a commitment to innovation, security, and the future of document management. By addressing the most pressing challenges faced by professionals today, this solution sets a new standard for secure, efficient, and compliant document handling.

"We are excited to join forces with KETL to bring this solution to the financial services and legal industries," said Diana Sapienza, Head of Partnerships and Alliances at Confidencial. "Together, we are not just enhancing document security; we are changing the way these organizations operate, making secure document management a seamless part of their daily work."

James Andrew McGill, Co-Founder of KETL, added, "Our collaboration with Confidencial represents a leap forward in document management technology. By integrating our advanced data management capabilities with Confidencial’s encryption expertise, we are providing solutions needed to protect the most sensitive information, at scale."

About Confidencial

Confidencial is a data protection platform that ensures unstructured data is automatically

protected from the moment of creation throughout its entire lifecycle, no matter how or where it

lives or travels. Confidencial’s platform is end-to-end secure, where no third party can see enterprise data or the keys. The seamless protection upgrade to PQC is built-in from the ground up.

About KETL

Ketl is a solution designed to revolutionize the way companies handle their documents. Ketl not only ensures impeccable organization but also unleashes unparalleled efficiency, breaking down boundaries to what you can achieve with your documents. Ketl is available both in the cloud and as a deployable on-premise solution.

For more information on how the Confidencial-KETL partnership can benefit your practice, please get in touch today.

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