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Confidencial Inc announces availability of public beta.

Confidencial Newsroom

Mar 1, 2023

Confidencial Inc announces availability of public beta.

Confidencial Inc, today announced the release of its public beta. Users will be able to selectively encrypt documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and many other formats, and limit the visibility of the content in them to specific individuals or groups, ensuring secure collaboration both inside and outside of the organization.


Confidencial has developed a seamless solution that integrates directly into leading business applications. An entire document can be encrypted through a single click, or portions of a document can be encrypted specifically for select individuals. Multiple versions of a single document will no longer be necessary as sections of documents can be encrypted to be viewed only by specified parties. Confidencial is a zero-trust solution with a distributed key management infrastructure and will never have access to an organization’s sensitive information. Confidencial’s integration into business applications means native file formats and file extensions are retained, and existing workflows for the creation, storage, and distribution of sensitive information are not disrupted.


The Observability Dashboard is an additional layer of security and compliance, creating an audit trail of all document access.


Since releasing its private beta in August of 2022, Confidencial has seen steady growth in the number of organizations looking to protect sensitive information such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and corporate intellectual property (IP).  It has quickly gained traction within the financial services, life sciences, and defense sectors due to its focus on unstructured information, ease of use, selective encryption, and ability to track access to documents.


During the private beta, we incorporated the feedback of early adopters and design partners to improve support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, in addition to expanding the platform to handle PDF documents. We developed 'search and protect' functionality for PDF and improved the performance and scalability of the infrastructure. We are excited to launch our beta to the public.

Karim Eldefrawy, CTO and Co-founder

In the past few months, we have partnered with over ten organizations ranging from financial services, life science, and the defense industry. We have worked with a range of companies from large enterprises to small organizations, who have all identified the need to protect, control and provide visibility on the distribution of sensitive information. Our engineering and product teams have been laser-focused on providing the best customer experience.

Razmik Abnous, CEO and Co-founder


Companies trust Confidencial to secure their sensitive information:

  • Kyowa Kirin

  • JUUL Labs

  • SRI International

  • Pralogy

  • WERU Investment

  • First Spark Ventures


Confidencial’s public beta can be accessed from the Confidencial website and the Microsoft app store


Confidencial currently supports:

  • Microsoft Office add-ins for Word, Excel, and Outlook

  • PDF

  • Web-based and Desktop App for drag-and-drop encryption/decryption for any file type

  • Platform support for Windows and Mac

  • Integration with Identity Providers: Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and any OpenID and SAML-compliant systems


Key Features:

Full Document or Selective Encryption

No need to create multiple versions of redacted documents. Confidencial gives you the ability to encrypt an entire document with the click of a button, or selectively encrypt sections of a document to multiple individuals who can only decrypt the information they are authorized to view.

Encryption/Decryption Within Your Native Business Applications

Encryption and decryption happen within the native business application.

Preserves Native Document Format and Extension

Original document format and extension are preserved, and documents can be viewed in their native business applications*. (* with the exception of PDF)

Documents Remain in Their Preferred Storage Locations

Store documents as you do today.

Encrypt/Decrypt Ad Hoc File

Confidencial provides a unique web application to encrypt/decrypt virtually any file format such as audio, video, and photos.

Observability Dashboard of All Activity

Confidencial’s observability dashboard provides detailed audit trail information of all encryption decryption events occurring inside and outside your organization.

Desktop, Mobile, and Web-Based Support

A single solution that works across desktop, mobile, and web-based applications.

Secure Content and Keys

Confidential never has access to your keys, and because your content is housed in existing storage systems (e.g., SharePoint, Box), Confidential never has access to your information.


About Confidencial Inc

Confidencial is a Menlo Park, California-based provider of data security and privacy-enhancing technologies for protecting sensitive information and collaboration for modern distributed enterprises. Its core technology integrates with existing business applications and enables end-to-end secure (zero-trust) sharing of unstructured documents on a need-to-know basis inside and outside the enterprise. Confidencial’s technology was originally developed under Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) programs and its founding team is composed of leading business software executives and cybersecurity and cryptography experts.

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