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Simplify data security. Built-in protection that follows your unstructured data everywhere, always.

Confidencial is a data-centric security solution that automatically finds and secures sensitive content within documents to maximize data utility and collaboration.

Award-winning and patented technology developed by SRI for The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). A solution trusted by leading global organizations.


ArmorX Technology



What makes us unique.

We invented and patented selective protection, a groundbreaking technology that embodies our core mantra: protect sensitive content without compromising usability. Our comprehensive and intelligent solution gives you unparalleled flexibility through granular controls, allowing you to protect sensitive information in files and documents.

All-in-one solution

Selective protection

Data-blind architecture

Multi-cloud support

Selective protection

Our patented technology lets you choose exactly what you need to protect and who can access it — down to the word, paragraph, or image inside of a file.

Data-blind architecture

Your data never leaves your infrastructure. We do not store your files or data, nor can we access it.

Multi-cloud support

Confidencial secures unstructured data across on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

All-in-one solution

1 cost-effective solution to replace 7 — classify, map, and protect sensitive data across all your document workflow tools.

What is Selective Protection?

Our technology differs from typical ‘all or nothing’ solutions by allowing precise control over what gets encrypted and who gets access. Selective encryption for sensitive data within documents enhances security and productivity by leaving the rest of the document accessible to other stakeholders.



All-in-one, data-centric protection technology.

Automate data protection at scale, wherever sensitive data is created, stored, or shared.


Confidencial embeds security directly into your data. Our patented selective encryption and granular access controls become a part of the file's metadata, ensuring security follows your data everywhere, across networks and devices. 


Confidencial secures your sensitive data in two ways:

Backend Protection

Automatically discovers, classifies, maps, and protects unstructured data sitting in storage.

Frontend Solutions

Provides easy-to-use tools for secure data collaboration and exchange.


Find and protect sensitive data automatically.

Managing massive volumes of unstructured data across diverse environments and formats is challenging. Our always-on, ambient protection scans files and folders across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. It identifies sensitive data and automatically applies your pre-defined security policies.

Complete coverage

across on-premises and cloud storage, including Google Drive, OneDrive, S3, and more.

Customizable scans

that can run automatically on a schedule or on-demand.

Universal support

for various file types and formats, including PDFs and Word documents.

Intelligent data classification

based on business rules, regex, and locally run AI.

Automatic security enforcement

based on your pre-defined policies.


Confidently request and share privileged information.

Confidencial is the first all-in-one data protection solution that secures data exchange at any part of its lifecycle. A single affordable platform offers all the secure-by-default applications you need for collecting, managing, and sharing sensitive information. 

With our built-in encryption and controls, streamline internal and external collaboration without compromising security.

Protected forms

for directly requesting sensitive data or files, bypassing email.

Secure and compliant file transfers

up to 1TB in size, within or beyond your organization.

A secure and simple esignature solution

to sign, seal, and route agreements.

Data-centric protection

that you can embed in all essential productivity suites and document tools - PDFs, Word, and more.

A soon-to-be-launched vault

for maintaining control and compliance while collaborating on sensitive projects, deals, and investigations.


Manage, track, and revoke document access.

Security and access control can be a struggle once data or documents leave your network via exports, shares or local downloads. Confidencial provides detailed audit trails and enables tight security controls for protected files