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Auto-protect unstructured data that’s created, stored, and shared.

Confidencial is a data-centric protection platform that automatically secures sensitive content within documents, enabling secure sharing, collaboration, signing, and utilization in the AI era. 

Confidencial's human-centered approach to data protection

Award-winning and patented technology developed by the SRI International for The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). A solution trusted by leading global organizations.



Confidencial is built differently.

We’re data-blind SaaS.

Bring your own storage. We never access or store your data; it resides solely within your infrastructure 100% of the time, where it belongs.

We have patented selective encryption.

Encrypt the whole document or just the sensitive bits—control who can access what pages, paragraphs, or words.

We are post-quantum ready.

Our platform will seamlessly transition to NIST's forthcoming Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) standards, offering unbreakable, future-proof encryption algorithms.

You can bring your own key.

Our flexible 'Bring Your Own Key' infrastructure adapts to any setup, including third-party encryption key management, in-house security, or cloud-based services.

Confidencial provides secure management of the entire export process chain, which is invaluable. Encrypting specific documents or parts of documents protects Coal Port Services and our clients from fraudulent activities, and automatic encryption ensures that all output from our service and the customers we look after is protected. 

Customers love the advanced data protection Confidencial provides
Andrew Arthur, Managing Director of Coal Port Services

Andrew Arthur

Managing Director at Coal Port Services



Patented, data-centric encryption technology.

With Confidencial, security becomes intrinsic to the data. Protection and access controls travel with the data across networks and devices, extending the security perimeter to data rather than the pathways it traverses. Our technology differs from typical ‘all or nothing’ solutions by allowing precise control over what gets encrypted for whom - inside of a document. This enhances security and improves productivity by leaving the rest of the document accessible to other key stakeholders. 

Find and protect 
sensitive data_

Automatically protect unstructured data against unauthorized access with robust encryption and protection policies. With ultimate flexibility to encrypt what you want for whom you wish, you can safeguard your highest-value documents against malicious intent while keeping non-sensitive information available for everyone else.

Confidencial can help you protect your unstructured data
Confidencial can help you share sensitive information internally and externally

Request and share privileged information_

Streamline the exchange of confidential information internally and externally. Easily collect and share privileged data like PII, healthcare records, and credit history without worrying about how it is shared or where it's downloaded.

Track and manage document access_

Govern sensitive document access, track distribution, and monitor for unauthorized access from disgruntled employees or malicious hackers. Our platform offers detailed activity logs with enhanced traceability, providing full transparency into the document lifecycle. Quickly gain insight into where they're forwarded and how they're accessed. 

Confidencial can help you track and manage document access


Why security-conscious companies love Confidencial.

Confidencial is the first all-in-one data protection solution that covers the spread of information across platforms and channels to help you consolidate and simplify your security stack.


Complete control of what gets encrypted.

Encrypt the whole document or specific parts of the document - the choice is yours. Easily protect pages, paragraphs, or words, and tailor what’s visible for different individuals or groups.


Move every document to the cloud.

Save storage costs and gain peace of mind when migrating confidential documents to the cloud, knowing they remain inaccessible to unauthorized viewers or cloud providers.


Automatically identify sensitive content.

Scan folders and files across all popular cloud storage providers for sensitive information and automatically encrypt - whether the whole file or just the necessary parts.


Protect documents for life.

Documents remain encrypted no matter where they’re stored and how they’re shared outside your network - even if they’re sent to the wrong person or downloaded.


Easily collect and share privileged data.

Forget about asking users to sign up for new services or heavy admin. Create custom template-based forms to gather sensitive information securely without the lift.


Improved transparency and traceability.

Detailed activity logs provide an audit trail into the entire document lifecycle: where they’re forwarded and how they’re accessed, including geographical location.


See how Coal Port Services protected their entire export process.

The challenge

Their entire export process runs on PDFs, Word, and Excel, exposing them to potential fraud and malicious intent.

The solution

Comprehensive protection, granular access control, and improved document tracking.


Improved staff morale, customer trust, competitive differentiation, brand rep, and most importantly, mitigated risk.



The benefits are as widespread as your business data.

Protect Revenue

Reduce insurance premiums and fines associated with compliance like FINRA and HIPA.

Eliminate Risk

Remove the threat of data breaches, ransomware, and data exfiltration.

Regain Time

Minimize attack-induced business disruption and outages so your team can get back to work, fast.

Drive Revenue

Unlock the value of your unstructured data to boost artificial intelligence capabilities to empower employees, identify best practices, and train AI models.



Easily adapt to more secure algorithms, minimizing the risk of data breaches and maintaining the integrity of your security system.

Secure by design, private by principle.

Our data-blind platform guarantees that your data remains just that... yours. We can't see your data; we don't store it or hold the keys; we just provide the end-to-end security it needs.

Employee background checks

Asymmetric encryption

Penetration testing

Post-quantum ready

Static code analysis

Manage your own encryption keys

Bring your own infrastructure

General data protection regulation


We work where you work.

By embedding advanced data encryption and patented technology directly inside popular tools, you can eliminate risk and cost associated with cyber theft. Better yet, all protected files retain their original format - without impacting how users work.



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With Confidencial,
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Confidencial can help you share sensitive information internally and externally
Confidencial can help you protect your unstructured data
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