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Protect your 
unstructured data - wherever it is.

Financial records, patient health information, intellectual property—your mission-critical data often resides within PDFs, PowerPoints, and Word documents, scattered across various tools and cloud platforms. A leak could cost your business millions, erode your competitive edge, and destroy customer trust. Protecting and managing these vital assets is more crucial than ever, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of productivity and collaboration. Your business deserves a solution that safeguards your data while enhancing your efficiency and teamwork.

Download our whitepaper 'Data is the New Perimeter' to learn how to "Shift-Up" Zero Trust and secure your unstructured data.

Confidencial can help you protect your unstructured data

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"The 'Shift-up' paradigm extends the reach of ZT principles further up the application layer, particularly to the data and business logic inside the application. It ensures that ZTNA’s security mechanisms go beyond securing application connections to directly engage with the data and resources most valuable to organizations."

Confidencial customers love the advanced data protection Confidencial provides

Data is the New Perimeter | "Shift-Up" Zero Trust to Cover Application Data


Unstructured data is growing, and so is the risk.



By 2025, 80% to 90% of data generated will be unstructured, driven significantly by the proliferation of Generative AI (GenAI) technologies​.



95% of businesses recognize managing unstructured data as a significant problem.


$2.2 Billion

In 2023 alone, fines for data breaches and privacy violations exceeded $2.2 billion.


How Confidencial helps you
"Shift-Up" Zero Trust with advanced data encryption to secure documents.

Confidencial can protect your unstructured data - automatically and at scale. We make security intrinsic to the data, so it travels with the data even when it leaves your infrastructure.

Mitigate risk with security by-default applications

Consolidate your tech stack and spend

Protect your valuable and sensitive documents, automatically

Improve collaboration, user experience, and compliance



Discover where
(and what) your unstructured data is

Always-on, ambient protection scans folders and files on-premises and across multi-cloud environments to protect unstructured data across your business ecosystem. It identifies those containing sensitive data and automatically secures them according to your tailored protection policies, whether the entire file or just the sensitive parts identified within it.


Complete control over how your sensitive data is protected

You decide what to encrypt and who gets access, keeping your most vital documents secure and unauthorized users out. Our technology differs from typical ‘all or nothing’ solutions by allowing precise control over what gets encrypted for whom inside a document. This enhances security and document utility and improves productivity by leaving the rest of the information accessible to those who need it. 



Securely request sensitive data and signatures

Streamline and secure the collection of privileged data and attachments (IP, PII, PHI, financials) with our easy-to-build web forms and templates. Use our simple eSignature solution to sign, seal, and route agreements, enhancing security and efficiency without paying for unnecessary features. Unlike other solutions, we never access or store your data; it remains solely within your infrastructure 100% of the time.

The Confidencial CoSign e-signature solution is easy to use


Send important documents, safely

Emails get breached, and old FTPs are...well.. old. With Confidencial, you can send small and large files to anyone with an email address and ensure the security and control of your sensitive documents wherever they go, even after they’ve been shared and downloaded.



Keep working in the tools your team needs

PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images—we work where you work, offering granular flexibility to encrypt only what's sensitive, down to the word. Documents remain in their original format, ensuring seamless use while shielding them from unauthorized access, no matter where they’re stored, shared, or downloaded.


Harness unstructured data to fuel LLM-driven insights

Don't exclude valuable data due to sensitive content; just protect what you need. We help you tap into the wealth of revenue-driving insight by first protecting unstructured data so you can transform it into a valuable asset.  Know it’s safe for machine learning utilization to expand your learning potential and boost productivity while checking the box on compliance and privacy standards.

Protect unstructured data with Confidencial, automatically

Confidencial can help you share sensitive information internally and externally
Confidencial can help you protect your unstructured data
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