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Are you still using document redaction to secure sensitive information?

If you are still using traditional redaction to protect your documents, you could be putting your sensitive information at risk.

Redaction has two major flaws: 1) what you see may not be what you get. 2) multiple copies of documents complicate compliance and records management.

  1. Your eyes can deceive you. Just because you can't see the redacted sensitive information on your computer screen or see it on a printed document, does not mean it is not accessible. Do a Google search on 'failed redaction' and you will find numerous examples of how a simple cut-n-paste exposed improperly redacted information.

  2. Redaction is permanent. It destroys the underlying content. Therefore, you must retain an unredacted version of the document, along with a copy of each uniquely redacted version of the document you distributed. Multiple copies of the document complicate records management, compliance requirements, and matters such as legal holds.

At Confidencial, our unique approach to securing sensitive information ensures what you see is what you get.

Our military-grade encryption eliminates any work-around that may be attempted to expose the secured information. Our technology also allows you to encrypt portions of a document to different individuals which means you only have to retain one version of the document, yet the individuals you distribute the document to can only see the information they are authorized to access.

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